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Ron & Jen’s Great Escape, July 26, 2023 – Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien

by Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien, commentary

This generation sucks

I really can’t seem to come up with another title for this week’s submission… because the fact is they do suck. I just saw an article saying how much the youth of this nation (18-24) loathe America. 

I sit back and scratch my dyed brown roots and say, “I wish I could ship all the haters off to North Korea for 1 week”. I heard it’s lovely this time of year. Millions of hungry people scared to pray and terrified to have an opinion. TV is censored,  movies, internet… books, news, and music. Everything is censored. What a terrific summer!

This soft generation who needs a safe space if someone doesn’t agree with them would be in for the rudest of awakenings. Everyone knows we are a work-in-progress nation as a very young country. Everyone knows we have come very, very far, but must continue to grow and evolve politically, socially, and culturally, if we are to survive ourselves. That’s not the real issue though. The real issue is that this generation is selfish, entitled, always the victim, emotionally ill equipped for anything… cannot stand to be told they’re wrong, misguided, misinformed, lazy, lost, and just dumb. Oh, and this generation also leans heavily on mental health issues… that’s the “in” thing. They manipulate the system to get their Adderall and “mental health days” off from work and use that to drop out of participation in life on so many levels. Exertion is not their thing.

If I sound angry it’s because I am. I am not perfect and have made many, many, many mistakes. The difference is I took risks, worked hard and failed. Picked myself up and kept going. Cried in the dark by myself instead of in an Instagram post used as “click bait” and a “see me” moment. I stood up for people. Put my neck out. Raised hell when I thought I had to, but listened when I was told I got it wrong. 

This generation loots, burns down, screams, and blame shifts EVERYTHING. THEY feel entitled to do so because they are pissed about whatever. 

Btw, their parents are half the problem. I rarely see parents in the news whose child has done something disgusting say “he or she deserves what is coming”… we see parents suing whoever and defending SERIOUSLY gross behavior and it’s never “their fault”. It’s probably systemic racism or some Karen somewhere who is the REAL PROBLEM. UGH. So gross. 

We live in the best place in the world. I support the deportation of anyone who wants to leave horrible AMERICA and travel the world to IRAN, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN OR NORTH KOREA. I would even donate money to that cause. 

I know I was young once and I may not always have liked what was happening in America, but I never stopped loving her. Not even for a second. Ever.

This generation sucks. 

(PS… I’m sure in the weeds there are some decent kids… there has to be.)




The Rhode Island Board of Elections says Lt. Governor and Congressional District One candidate Sabina Matos’ name will be on the special election ballot despite the board having sufficient concerns about her campaign signature gathering. The board deciding not to take up a challenge to her candidacy by rival Donald Carlson. As it turned out, Carlson’s challenge to Matos’ place on the ballot wasn’t even heard because neither he or his campaign manager, who filed the challenge, even attended the board meeting (and YOU want to be my latex salesman?). Matos pulled a Pontius Pilate wiping her hands clean by blaming campaign operative Holly Cekela McClaren for the bogus John Hancocks. Matos saying, “my campaign is not under investigation; a vendor that my campaign hired is under investigation.”  Perhaps true, but what about the campaign’s responsibility to vet these individuals? A total of 15 Democrats and 2 Republicans will appear on the special election ballot to replace David Cicilline.


Chris Nolan’s latest movie, OPPENHEIMER, which opened this past weekend is getting rave reviews. But eagle-eyed fans have spotted a mistake in a scene set in 1945, as actor Cillian Murphy’s J. Robert Oppenheimer stands among a crowd waving American flags… with 50 states. Whoops.

Among the social media questions of those seeing the movie several asked if  “a real atomic bomb was used in the filming.” We weep for the future.


Looks like more and more folks are embracing Mortie Seinfeld and Jack Klumpus favored dining hours as more Americans are warming up to Early Bird Dining. The Wall Street Journal reports restaurants are now seating 10% of their diners before 5pm. Uber rides to restaurants during the 4 pm and 5pm hours are also up 10%. Restaurants don’t mind because it allows them to turn tables over three times instead of twice which means more customers, more money, and more tips.


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