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Ron & Jen’s Great Escape, August 23, 2023 – Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien

by Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien, commentary


We live in REALLY, REALLY strange TIMES. This is a stream of consciousness column. Brace yourself:

Anyone who thinks this all is “normal”… all the INSANITY bubbling all around us really has to check themselves. Good is seen as bad, criminals are NOW the victims, simply bogged down by life’s hardships. Men want to be men… and women. Women want safe places to live, and compete, and dare I say be incarcerated. If you haven’t heard, men who identify as women can select what prison they would like to establish residency at among biological females. Then the rapes happen, then babies are born behind bars. Don’t believe me? Do some research. It’s all documented right there out in the open for anyone to read.

Next up… our President is laughing and cracking jokes about the hot earth under his feet in Hawaii as the community still searches for bodies after those biblical wildfires. How about that cocaine left somewhere in the West Wing July 4th weekend, but oddly our Secret Service can’t seem to crack the case even with crack addict Hunter Biden floating around the scene of the crime.

One of my personal favs – men who suffer with “gender dysphoria” infiltrating women’s competitions and capturing awards and breaking long standing records in women’s sports, though we all understand the biological advantage men have in those competitions. This is why men and women’s divisions were established to begin with. To level the playing fields. Oh, and women are not supposed to have an opinion about a man in a women’s locker room walking around staring at showering women athletes with their junk hanging out. We just have to bite the bullet on THAT ONE. Good little girls don’t buck the establishment. Whoever the hell THAT IS. 

If it rains, it’s climate change. If it’s hot, it’s climate change. If it rains AND it’s hot, all of a sudden, every single American is being told to buy electric vehicles. 

Our southern border is wide open, and millions of people are pouring into this country during these uncertain times of COVID. But not only are these people not being asked to receive vaccinations THAT MILLIONS of AMERICANS were FORCED TO RECEIVE, DEMOCRAT leaders in blue cities are asking us to open our homes and spare rooms to unvaccinated total strangers. Give em ‘ a hot meal and a cot. I don’t know. I’d kinda like to see AOC, OBAMA, OR THE CLINTONS lead the charge on that one. Why are we not asking these rich politicians to open their doors, mansions, spare rooms. Why is OPRAH WINFREY BUYING massive amounts of farmland along with the likes of Bill Gates. These are questions I have.

Drag queen story hour is perfectly ok these days but God forbid Kirk Cameron asks to read his book at any library… Pot is being legalized all over the country to seemingly keep the masses in a stooper, BLM disappeared with all of the donations and not one journalist does a follow up… and the BEST one yet… is that police departments all over the country are going to begin allowing illegal immigrants the opportunity to join police forces because democrats all over this country are defunding departments resulting in smaller budgets, leading to low morale which translates to a tsunami of police resignations and retirements. So, what’s the logical conclusion? Allow illegals/law breakers to enforce the law on this soil with a badge and gun welding power over LAW abiding citizens.

These aren’t just strange times. They are dangerous. Very dangerous.

But wait… I forgot… it’s all TRUMP’S fault.

Part 2 next week – Jen!



Owning your own home is the American Dream, but with interest rates at a 21-year high and low inventory, it’s becoming out of reach for most middle class folks. The median price of  single family homes in Rhode Island has hit a record high of $442,750. Prices around the country are at near record highs, frustrating millions of potential buyers who feel priced out of the housing market. Home builders are having to find ways to make their product more affordable to increase their pool of customers and the way they’re doing it is shrinking the dream. Say “bye-bye” to dining rooms and bathtubs and hello to bunk beds and more outside living space. Necessity is the mother of invention still.



Remember when Dolly Parton was nominated for the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME, and she said she didn’t think she deserved to be inducted because she never rocked and rolled? Well, she vowed to venture into that music category and she’s being true to her word. Dolly has pulled Paul McCartney and Ringo Star together to do a cover of LET IT BE with her, but she didn’t stop there. Also on the track are Peter Frampton and Mick Fleetwood. This will be Dolly’s 49th album but her FIRST rock and roll collection that just might justify her nomination.


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Jen Brien has over 20 years of radio broadcast experience having hosted shows on WPRO and WHJJ with Ron as well as her own shows on WRKO and WBZ in Boston, WXTK on Cape Cod and WHAM in Rochester, New York. Jen was born and raised in Woonsocket and served six years in the Army MP Canine Unit.

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  1. Jim wilson on August 23, 2023 at 3:40 pm

    As a longtime RI resident now residing in Ohio it is really fun to read all this RI news.
    I will definitely be looking up Ron and Jens podcast

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