“Ron & Jen’s Great Escape” – 12-1-2021 – Ron St. Pierre & Jen Brien

by Ron St. Pierre & Jen Brien, commentary


In a world where we scream “WE WANT PRIVACY” we sure don’t act like it. Everyone and their GRANNY wants to be seen. Whether it’s good or bad or crazy , unusual, or daring – people can’t stop taking selfies and posting really personal, only meant for “private conversations” stuff, online.

Facebook is laden with long entries from people complaining about their inner wounds as a child, their empty marriages, their problems with their mental stability, and so on and so on… And PLEASE don’t get me started about these hospital photo ops! Why do you think we want to see you attached to some machine getting tests with your Johnny on? Not to be uncompassionate – but many things are not MEANT for public consumption, and people use this stuff as a way to draw empathy and be the focus.

I know I sound like a total arse – but we all know it’s true. And the question is, why? Why do we do these things? Why do people need constant attention and adulation? Why are so many people just an act, pretending their lives are so perfect and happy, online, but really walk away from the computer empty and broken. Hell. I’m a busted up old mule – but I ain’t gonna share photos of my colonoscopy with strangers on Facebook for attention. 

Just something to think about next time you go to post something to get your needs met. ‘Cause really the internet ain’t gonna fill that void. Ever.


One thing President Biden made clear… and about the only thing he made clear in addressing the Omicron variant is that he has no appetite for a political fight over lockdowns. Biden says fighting Covid this winter won’t be with shutdowns or lockdowns, but with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing and more. Of course, details are yet to come. One thing we do know is Wall Street’s reacting  to uncertainty in its usual fashion…. a roller coaster ride that’s expected to last several weeks. It would behoove you to not check that 401K on a daily basis and ask Santa for TUMS in your stocking.


The holidays are in full swing and that means seemingly inescapable Christmas music. Believe it or not, several surveys reveal just how genuinely people don’t like Christmas tunes. Consumer Reports says 23% of respondents admit they DREAD seasonal music around the holidays. The same poll finds 25% of retail workers say Christmas music actually makes them feel “less festive” with 16% saying the tune actually “dampens their emotional wellbeing.” We’d love to see how the poor disc jockeys at those 24/7 Christmas stations feel about it, having to suffer through 6 weeks of Mariah Carey and Burl Ives on a seemingly endless loop.


A OnePoll survey finds Secret Santa and wrapping presents are the worst part of the Christmas season. 79% say they dread being part of a Secret Santa exchange because they don’t know what to get for their exchange partner and don’t much like what they get either. A whopping 87% say they’ve re-gifted Secret Santa presents from years past.

Here’s a little tip when it comes to wrapping; wrap the gifts the moment you get them and avoid letting them pile up causing last minute stress.


Ever wonder why younger generations like Millennials and Gen-Z’ers don’t say “you’re welcome” when you express thanks? The usual response to the older generation’s “thank you” is either “no problem” or “no worries.” Researchers say it simply sounds less formal and more friendly. They think saying something very formal can make the other person feel shy. We’ve never thought of “you’re welcome” as being formal but thanks for the explanation. No problem!


Ron St. Pierre is a veteran broadcaster whose career has spanned over four decades. Ron has programmed, performed on and managed WHJJ, WPRO, WWRX, 790 The Score in Providence, as well as WBZT and WKGR in West Palm Beach and WABC in New York City. Ron also anchored sports on WPRI Ch 12 in Providence. He is a member of both the Rhode Island Radio and Television and the City of Pawtucket Halls of Fame. He was born and raised in Pawtucket.

Jen Brien has over 20 years of radio broadcast experience having hosted shows on WPRO and WHJJ with Ron as well as her own shows on WRKO and WBZ in Boston, WXTK on Cape Cod and WHAM in Rochester, New York. Jen was born and raised in Woonsocket and served six years in the Army MP Canine Unit.

Hazel, Ron’s dog, makes regular appearances.

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