It’s Democrats vs Progressives in Rhode Island


Each week Joe Paolino, Jr. interviews people of interest on his program, “In The Arena”.  The show airs at 7am on Sundays on ABC6.

Rhode Island State Sen. Samuel Bell, D-Providence, joined Joe Paolino Jr. to discuss his recent victory in the Rhode Island state primary and the upcoming legislative session — including his ongoing battles with long-tenured members of the legislature.

It’s not the elders vs the young’uns as much as it is traditional, moderate Democrats with platforms built upon history and vision vs. Progressive (Democrats) which have become almost a third party in party politics, with a platform built on close to socialist concepts – healthcare for all, free college, etc.

Often, the shouting between candidates stands in the way of identifying the differences between the widely diverging solutions to issues in healthcare, development, the economy, taxes, social assistance programs, education, etc. This interview brings out the differences and has us imagining what if debates were so civilly done?

Here is “In The Arena” for October 4, 2020:

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