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In The Arena – Rep. Blake Filippi, House Minority Leader

Each week Joe Paolino, Jr. interviews people of interest on his program, “In The Arena”.  The show airs at 7am on Sundays on ABC6.

This week his guest is Rep. Blake Filippi, (R), House Minority Leader. He and show host, Joe Paolino, Jr. discuss whether or not Filippi will run for Governor, the Governor’s election in general, how elections are run, as well as how the huge amount of money coming into Rhode Island will be invested. They also discuss jobs, cost of living, tourism, healthcare and the impending hospital merger. Filippi believes the hospital merger should not happen and the Massachusetts merger deal should be reinvestigated.

They talk about the need for compromise and respectful communication, even when you don’t agree.

Here is “In The Arena” – remotely – for Nov. 21, 2021:

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  1. Tigue on November 21, 2021 at 7:26 pm

    Enjoyed the show today.. RI ( and America) Taxed everyone away ..even alot our customer phone services are over seas ..haven’t studied much but when politics say ” I created a % of jobs” seems to be temporary work

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