Humanity missing this day…what would you have done

Humanity missing this day…what would you have done?

A moment in Cambridge leaves writer asking the question…

Humanity missing this day…what would you have done?

By Jeff Gross

I’m disgusted with you, Cambridge Massachusetts. On September 5th at 2 pm at the intersection of Mt Auburn St and the Union of Concerned Scientists Alley Way, a physically disabled Vietnam veteran struggled to get up the incline of the curb. I spotted him as I was pulling into the alley way. The veteran was unable to get up the incline of the curb as the battery of his wheelchair was weak. He was asking for no money, no food, just a simple push. The Cambridge people just walked by him with indifference. In their minds he wasn’t there.

The Boy Scout in me said, “go help him”. The veteran in me said, “snap to it, mister”. My instincts said, “hold on”. The gentleman was in no peril. So, I waited to see if there was more than just one person at this meeting that cared. Apparently not. Even as the Veteran waved his hands for help (he lost his ability to speak), I counted ten passers-by that ignored him, and one 40-year-old woman looked at him and smiled. The split by race and sex was pretty much equal – all unwilling, or resistant, to helping him.

I am shocked this occurred in a city that promotes aid for those in need. Cambridge prides itself on crusading for the needy, the center of medical training, and higher education. A Black Lives Matter banner hangs from the city hall. Where was compassion on that day? After counting the 10th insensitive person, I decided that that was enough, statistically, to prove my point.

I jumped out of my truck. I didn’t realize I left my truck in the intersection. I stopped dead right there. Angered Cambridge drivers blaring their horns. Oh well, they’ll need to wait another 30 seconds to get that soy infused latte. I walked over and asked the Veteran if he needed a push. He responded with a military Gomer hand sign. One push and up he went and with a thank-you wave he was on his merry way. Shame on you, all those in Cambridge this day. I am disgusted with our lack of humanity to our fellow man. And after hearing this story, take a moment and ask yourself, what would you have done?

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