FREE Comic Book Day at Wild Time Comics – Saturday, 9/12

Wild Time Comics says “Things may be a bit CRAZY, but that’s not a reason to miss out on some FUN! Safely, of course! that is. Join us and some of the other great local comic shops in celebrating FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2020 on Sat. Sept. 12th.

Meet Spider-man, Batman, T-Rex, Batwoman, Joker, Riddler, and other Amazing friends.

Plus we’ll also be having special guests in our Tented compound including Artists: Tim Jones (hilarious Sour Grapes newspaper strip – and RINewsToday resident cartoonist! ), the incomparable art of Mike Doherty, etc

Marvel Gone Crazy!

All kinds of titles (mini and otherwise ) that were scheduled earlier in the year IE: Power Pack, Black Widow, Marvel(s), Falcon & Winter Soldier, etc. along with other paused titles like Conan, Doctor Doom, Deadpool, Ms. Marvel, Savage Avengers, Spider-woman, Aero, and more will be back plus new mini’s like Widowmakers, Juggernaut, Ultraman, Werewolf By Night, Shang-Chi, Maestro, U.S. Agent, Warhammer 4000, and new launches Iron Man and Eternals. Yikes.

Now it’s no surprise that Donny Cates will be heating up the shelves with his upcoming KING in BLACK saga this winter featuring the coming of Knull and we’ll see it building up first in the Peter David penned mini-series Symbiote Spider-man: King in Black (1-5 ).

The X-Men universe has tragically chosen to do a 22 part chapterized mega-saga spread across all the groups titles; X-Men, Marauders, Excalibur, Wolverine, X-Force, Hellions, Cable, New Mutants, plus a few one shot specials. They never should’ve trusted Apocalypse, but there’s a lot more going on here. It’s a typical super-saga from Hickman and it actually sounds exciting. If you’re interested in getting the whole story let me know so that we can get enough of the lesser selling titles to cover everyone’s needs.

Over at DC Comics 2020 has been the year of the JOKER and things are still gearing up with The 3 Jokers and Joker War blowing things up.

There’s also D’Ceased and Death Metal to roll with so despite the rumblings over at AT&T/WB/DC a whole lot of stuff is still coming our way.

About Wild Time Comics

Wild Time Comics, is a good old style comic book store where you’ll find more treasures and bargains the deeper you dig. They carry all manner of NEW comic releases and provide a FREE Pull and Hold service for your convenience. They also have many, many thousands of back-issues to fill those holes in your missing issues list. They are always unearthing all manner of other oddball items as well like old toys, prints, posters, records, movies, art books and other great stuff for your enjoyment. So stop in on Saturday or any other time!

Wild Time Comics

703 Washington Street South Attleboro MA


Store Hours – Saturday, 10am to 6pm

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