Discover Beautiful Rhode Island – Should it stay or should it go?

Photography by Jason Michalski

What’s beautiful about this iconic rusty ol’ bridge?  It has grown on us, hasn’t it?  Should it stay or should it go? 

What do you think?

The Crook Point Bascule Bridge (or the Seekonk River Drawbridge) is a defunct Scherzer rolling lift railway bridge which spans the Seekonk River, connecting the city of Providence, Rhode Island, to the city of East Providence. It is 110 years old.

The price to destroy the bridge is in the double digit millions.  Imagine if we put a creative thought to it – we are a state of performance art and art installations – we’d like to see some group accept the challenge. 

Photography by Jason Michalski.

Jason is a US Marine veteran, portrait and landscape photographer, and visual artist. Follow Jason on Instagram to see more of his work – jmich78photography.