Discover Beautiful Rhode Island – looking down raises the spirit

Photo: Jason Michalski, photographer

Up early and on my morning walk and prayed to God send his love, wisdom and knowledge to my soul and ask the same for all of you! I do this everyday.

I ask for a sign and as I was walking, I heard a voice telling me to look down and I saw this! I walk this walk everyday and missed it. God is good!

My morning mantra, and my only focus is who will be my one today? Who can I make a positive influence in someone’s life? It only takes one. So be someone’s one today. Have a blessed day – and get outside. You don’t have to go very far at all.


Jason is a US Marine veteran, portrait and landscape photographer, and visual artist. Follow Jason on Instagram to see more of his work – jmich78photography. We thank him for use of this photo and his contemplation.