Deconstruction…. by Michael Morse

By Michael Morse, contributing opinion writer

On the first day a police officer killed a man, and riots began. The left cheered.

On the second day, fingers were pointed, and demands to defund the police were made. The left led the way.

On the third day, buildings burned, glass was shattered and chaos ruled. The left stepped back.

On the fourth day doors were locked as mobs shouted Wake Up! The left cowered.

On the fifth day, polls showed that rioting and looting was hurting the chance of getting rid of the devil, Donald Trump. The left started to think.

On the sixth day, media reports condemning the rioting began to trickle in. The left denounced the riots.

And on the seventh day . . .  People began talking.


Michael Morse spent 23 years as a firefighter/EMT with the Providence Fire Department before retiring in 2013 as Captain, Rescue Co. 5. He is an author of several books, most offering fellow firefighter/EMTs and the general population alike a poignant glimpse into one person’s journey through life, work and hope for the future. He is a Warwick resident.