Coronavirus Update – March 3, 2020

UPDATED 6:30am;


In Italy, advice is to ask those over 65 to go out as little as possible in the next two or three weeks. They are also bringing physicians out of retirement to work on the pandemic.

The Ayatollah’s chief advisor and several others in close leadership have been said to have died from coronavirus. 23 members of the Iranian Parliament have tested positive.

4 new cases in England

The Pope has been seen speaking during mass from his residence window. We’re reminded that he had lost part of a lung as a child due to an illness, so he may be particularly susceptible to bad colds of flus. UPDATE: The Pope has tested negative for coronavirus.

Oberammergau, Germany is the location of the world famous Passion Play, which gets thousands of people traveling to the small town. While there are currently no cases of people infected with the coronavirus in the district, it cannot be ruled out that individual cases of infection could occur in the future – so, if you are planning a trip there, stay tuned.

The first virus has been announced in Delhi, India

Amazon employees in Milan were quarantined after testing positive for coronavirus.

Israel has opened special polling booths for their election for people who are quarantined.

Wuhan, China has closed the first of 16 temporary hospitals and incidence rates in China are dropping dramatically.

South Korean president Moon Jae-in has declared war against the novel coronavirus and apologized for a shortage of masks. . There are 4,812 cases confirmed so far and 28 people have died from the virus.


New York has a goal of testing 1,000 people a day. New disinfectant cleaning protocols for schools.  Focusing on seniors and immune compromised

Illinois has 4th case – Oregon has 3rd case – Georgia has its first.

A mall in Texas is shut for deep cleaning after a person who had been there had tested negative later tested positive.

Washington state will be buying a motel to use for its surge of patients.

Miami is preparing 250,000 laptops and tablets to work from home in case schools must close.

Las Vegas is bracing for loss of Chinese tourism business.

The Amazing Race has canceled its program taping and worldwide travel.

Colleges and universities are canceling international study programs.

Amazon has pulled 1 million products off its shelves for price-gouging by 3rd party partners, including many face masks.

The stock market rebounded 1,200+ points.

Rhode Island area

Rhode Island judiciary has one employee who had traveled to or near affected areas abroad or had come in contact with someone who had. All three have voluntarily self-quarantined. Which court and more details were not released.

At the RI State House, eight legislative pages who attended St. Raphael’s are staying home for the week were asked to stay home for the week, and the House and Senate Chambers had a wipe down with disinfectant.

A business – Cox Communications in West Warwick has sent employees home and is deep-cleaning the building after an employee’s family member had tested positive for coronavirus.

Warwick Public Schools will begin new cleaning practices – disinfecting doorknobs, handrails, desktops, etc. Additional hand soap and sanitizer is being distributed to all schools. Busing staff will wipe down seats twice a day.

Massachusetts has a confirmed case – a student in her 20s who had traveled to Italy with a school group. A UMassBoston student has also tested positive and is recovering at home.

Voting in Massachusetts and/or Rhode Island? You are allowed to bring your own pen into the voting booth – just not red ink.

Massachusetts electronic message boards on highways and MBTA trains should soon be carrying coronavirus messages. No word if they will in Rhode Island.

Newton North HS students who went on a trip to Italy were told to stay home until further notice.

East Providence Silver Spring School and all schools in EP have been sanitized all weekend.  Woman who teaches there – spouse of man with coronavirus – has no symptoms

Self-quarantining – you’re not alone

We expect to see more people having to take this precaution as time goes by. For anyone quarantining at home and worried about supplies, the RIDOH is coordinating with other State agencies and community organizations to support anyone doing self-quarantining to ensure that people who are remaining at home have the support services they need. This includes support with everyday needs, such as prescriptions and groceries.


Pets – While your pet can catch the coronavirus from being around you, there is no evidence that companion animals or pets such as cats and dogs have been infected or could spread the virus that causes COVID-19. There has been evidence of a dog that has tested positive for the virus.


The CDC is now recommending everyone have a 2 week supply of food at hand. Items you may want to pick up according to national recommendations are bottled water, simple frozen foods that will last awhile, and canned goods of all kinds. Also, sanitizing and cleaning materials are beginning to be hard to find, so pick them up when you find them.

Transmission prevention includes not sharing pens and pencils – using a stylus to tap on a registration screen or checkout device at a supermarket – go to the desk at your doctor’s office to register and avoid using those check in computer kiosks and pads. Your fingertips are an caution zone, think of it that way.

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