Coronavirus may cause “disruption to everyday life”

As the CDC, HHS, and WHO have said, “it’s not a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of ‘when’ the coronavirus, now being referred to as COVID-19, will spread to the United States. A comparison made to the SARS pandemic gives us some hope that while life may change to protect ourselves, we will get through this.

At 3pm Tuesday, HHS held a press conference which did more to panic than calm – with reporters even noting the reaction of the update words and cautions – and predictions for the future.

If you missed the short update, here it is:

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hosts a press briefing to provide an update on coronavirus

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hosts a press briefing to provide an update on coronavirus

Posted by NBC 10 WJAR on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Heeding the reporter who talked about the need for TEACHING people how to wash their hands, we will put that educational video here – we suggest that if you think you are doing it right – we bet you are wrong.  Life lessons in hand washing might follow tonight’s dinner for the entire family.

A cursory look at online sites showed medical face masks are out of stock for shipping but probably still available at CVS, Walmart and other big box stores. Amazon was selling a $29 box of masks – but shipping was $50.  We’ll hold our comments about price gouging and assume there were other reality reasons for that.

The stock market is taking a hit but those with a longer projection may see this as a buying opportunity. With the economy and job market as strong as it has ever been, the US is in a better place than usual to withstand the turbulent times and market flexibility.

The comments about curtailing going out in big crowds and preparing for schools that might close and certainly to work from home if you feel sickness coming on, should be taken seriously. Think about your family’s plan. Going out to eat is not reducing your risk – so stock up on some homemade frozen goodies – stews, baked goods, etc. As always, putting your own plan into action – bearing in mind what the officials are telling us – makes good sense. 

But this is the time to prepare…To think about changes in daily life. Schools closing. Businesses considering what they will do with key absences. Attendance at important events and social functions possibly ill-advised.

We can’t see quarantining people who may get this in hospitals and healthcare settings, but certainly having the sense to stay in place when you are sick – a recommended 14 days – will help others stay well.

#CoronaSafe Tip: Traveling? Upgrade your travel insurance to “Cancel For Any Reason” because canceling out of fear or caution in normal plans is not covered – as always we recommend going through a travel agent for ALL airline ticket purchases – you may think you can get a better price by buying direct through the airline or on Expedia, but if you have an emergency, get sick while away, and need travel help, etc., they won’t be there for you. A local travel agent can usually match that lowest price, and be your best contact in an emergency or sudden cancellation. Stay tuned for more on this by RINewsToday.

Here is the CDC page on coronavirus and the latest we need to know.

After dinner tonight?  Handwashing 101 – it’s worth doing – for this pandemic threat, for the regular flu, for the common cold.

UPDATE: It is important to note: the annual, regular FLU has infected as many as 26 million people in the United States in just four months, killing up to 25,000 so far.

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