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Compassion in the Court: Life-Changing Stories from America’s Nicest Judge – Frank Caprio

Retired Judge Frank Caprio, a true Renaissance man not only for Rhode Island, but for all in the US and beyond who have come to know his compassion and empathy through his television show, “Caught in Providence”, has a book out – and available now for pre-order.

“Compassion in the Court”, Life Changing Stories from America’s Nicest Judge, a hard cover book promises to be a delight and is set to be out soon.

“Life-changing” are words Judge Caprio has come to know over the last two years as he faces pancreatic cancer and being treated with chemotherapy. Over those two years, Caprio completed the book.

For those who have watched his incredibly personal and emotional videos, filled with his love of family and strength of faith, we hold firm that this is a new chapter for the judge and his new book will touch us with humility and humor of his time in the courts.

“Compassion in the Court” is now available to preorder from Barnes & Noble. If preordered through B&N, there is a significant discount of 25% available. Buy it Here: – and be sure to use the code PREORDER25 to get 25% off for rewards members and another 10% off for premium members. Be the first to get it!

“One of the motivating factors to write a book was to highlight the great state of Rhode Island, and the City of Providence, which has been my home for my entire life. It’s amazing that proceedings from a municipal court in America’s smallest state could have such a positive impact around the world.” 

Amazon notes about the book, “Caprio’s memories will challenge readers to become somebody—to value their past and their family, to confront their realities, and to believe that, through respect, compassion, and understanding, they can succeed. This book will touch your heart, uplift your spirit, and renew your faith in others, and in yourself.”

When asked if he views, Judge Caprio said: “ is a fantastic resource to find out what’s happening in Rhode Island.”

Thank you, Judge Caprio – we’ll be first to order your book – today!

On December 10th, 2023, we posted this interview between Judge Caprio and Joe Paolino Jr. – the story includes the judge’s original video where he asked for prayers as he faced his cancer challenge.

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