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Dec 27 2019

GriefSpeak: American Red Cross Second Responders Needed

By Dr. Mari Dias Rosa, an elderly woman, always accompanied by her walker and oxygen tank left a pot on ...

Dec 20 2019

GriefSpeak – “Larry’s Lament” by Dr. Mari Dias

The story of an unsuccessful suicide attempt By Dr. Mari Dias Larry was tired. Tired of living. He was 55 ...

Dec 13 2019

GriefSpeak: Dirty Laundry

By Dr. Mari Dias I often ask my clients to journal for homework. The following is 45 year- old Thomasina’s ...

Dec 6 2019

GriefSpeak: Holiday Stress Tips for Grievers helps us all

By Mari Dias According to the Holmes—Rahe Stress inventory (1967), which lists 43 life events with a corresponding stress point ...

Nov 30 2019

Our Top Story of the Week: The Mortician’s Daughter – GriefSpeak with Dr. Mari Dias

(An overwhelming response to Dr. Mari Dias' story - as one reader said, people are texting me stating they are ...

Nov 28 2019

Top Story of 2020: by Dr. Mari Dias – GriefSpeak: The Mortician’s Daughter

By Mari Dias The Mortician's Daughter (Names and locations have been changed) It's complicated when you're a girl; even more ...

Nov 21 2019

GriefSpeak: High Tech Takes Its Role in Grieving

GriefSpeak Names and Places have been changed By Dr. Mari Dias The face of funeral arrangements has evolved; even the ...

Nov 14 2019

GriefSpeak. Technology in Death and Grief

Names and Places have been changed to ensure confidentiality. By Dr. Mari Dias The fact that technology is ubiquitous can ...

Nov 8 2019

GriefSpeak – The Death of a Pet

Names and locations have been changed to protect the client. By Dr. Mari Dias Benjamin was a 60 something year-old ...