ART! Nixon Leger’s commitment to “Each one teach one”. URI, Providence Gallery

by Nancy Thomas

Gallery Reception, February 17th  6-8 pm. 

This exhibit celebrates Nixon Leger’s work over the last 25 years as a notable professional artist.  Nixon developed a passion for art from an early age in his native Haiti.  There he studied with master artists and earned a degree in painting.  Upon his arrival in the USA and his integration into the art scene in Providence, Rhode Island, Nixon has continued to create an amazing body of work in watercolor, acrylic, oil, charcoal, and collage on burlap, canvas, board and found objects. 

His story is one of grit and determination.  When Nixon came to Rhode Island, he found that his earlier degree and training in Haiti was not recognized.  Nixon had to learn English before he entered the University of Rhode Island, and graduated in 2017 with a BFA in studio art.  Early on, he became known as the ‘Banana Leaf Man’.  Nixon’s work reflects symbols and images from his cultural of origin, his faith and his vivid imagination.  Nixon has continued to explore and develop his artwork in a variety of styles to find his own language and self expression. 

Nixon is also intensely committed to giving back to the community and teaching the young – giving them the inspiration and skills to soar into their own world of creativity with his belief: ‘Each One Teach One’.

About Nixon Leger:

Award winning artist Nixon Leger is from Belle Anse, Haiti. The picturesque surroundings of his homeland calls him to the arts at a very young age. In 1998, he studies under Haitian art master Casimir Joseph honing and perfecting his artistic skills. He enters ENARTS with a full scholarship in 2000 and by 2003 he teaches art at the Mission Episcopal of Haiti, College St. Matthias (Cherudan), and others schools in Haiti. He participated in many exhibits in Haiti. He as well contribute in many community programs fund raising and donations, his presence noticed twice in a fund raising of (nabj) National association of black journalists , then Liberia and Haitian events. He has a great passion for Art and believe already that his Art is a plus to the visual art lovers. Nixon currently lives in the US where he continues to practice his art and exhibits nationally.

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